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Vue Storefront Summit 2021: Short summary and every video

April 23, 2021

Vue Storefront Summit, the first event that we organized as an independent company, is over, and - before the dust will settle - we'd like to sum it up for those of us who couldn't join. Here we go!

Technical Whitepaper


But first thing first, a few words of self-bragging. We hi-five ourselves and - seriously - say a big thanks to every speaker who agreed to participate in the event. 

Thanks to all of you, and especially Tim Benniks, who was VSF Summit MC, for making the event a success that we couldn't dream about, and don't just take my word for it.

Let data tell the story!

VSF Summit 2021 in numbers:

  • 1810 Registration 
  • 95 Countries represented

It was better than we expected, yet it was also a "vanity metric," as we truly wanted you to JOIN US.

Fortunately, most of you wanted the same:

  • 8.3 Attendee NPS
  • Over 4 h Average time spent

These numbers proved that the VSF community is one the most vibrant and dedicated to improving VSF. That is also why we'd like to cut to the chase and provide you with valuable information instead of smuggling self-PR.

If you missed some talks, don't worry - all of them will be listed below and available on our YouTube. 

Vue Storefront Summit 2021 on YouTube

Vue Storefront Next became Vue Storefront 2

Announcing that Vue Storefront 2 is production-ready was the leading cause of the whole turmoil and an excellent opportunity to present some flashbacks.  

Patrick Friday, CEO at Vue Storefront, kicked off the VSF Summit with an excellent talk, depicting the whole history of Vue Storefront. 

  • If you'd like to go through the history of Vue Storefront, discover Patrick's Keynote

After the initial a bit sentimental journey, Filip Rakowski took over the stage, introducing VSF 2 itself. He talked about integrations available right now and pointed out that it is just the beginning of what you can expect. 

Later, the time for deep, technical dive came. 

Patrick Andrzejewski, Technology Leader at VSF, spoke about Vue Storefront 2 architecture's details. 

Lukas Borawski, CMS Lead at Vue Storefront, gave the whole instructions on how to connect VSF2 with Headless CMSs

And Filip Jędrasik, Tech Lead at Vue Storefront, presented the entire overview of VSF2's approach to payments integrations. 

New eCommerce Platforms in the VSF ecosystem

VSF Summit - even though dedicated to VSF 2 particularly - was far from being just a vanity fair. We took care of giving the voice to our partners, who presented their solutions and explaining how they can work with Vue Storefront 2. 

Ivo Bronsveld, Head of Integrations at commercetools, showed the headless nature of commerctools. 

Jay Patel & Viral Rana from Aureate Labs talked about the traditional behavior of Shopify stores and their limitations, explaining why they chose to build the VSF-2 connector and talked a bit about its architecture. 

Kiril Kirov & Pavel Pavlov from ForkPoint shared the details of how to connect Vue Storefront 2 to Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C and embrace the potential of headless commerce

Dominik Deimel from LEONEX and Lior Lindvor from CyberFuze revealed the details of Magento 2 & VSF 2 integration. 

Maciej Kucmus, Shopware PWA Lead at Vue Storefront, shared what you need to know about Shopware-PWA, showed how to set up the local environment, and explained why this match is so awesome. 

Alex Malkevich, Frontend Architect at Spryker, took over the stage with a detailed talk about VSF & Spryker integration, proving the combo supports the future of Composable Commerce Enterprise. 

The above talks covered all integration with eCommerce platforms we have delivered so far, but it is not all that we are working at. Further integrations with eCommerce platforms such as SAP, BigCommerce, Sylius, Saleor, PrestaShop, and About You Cloud are coming, so stay tuned!

Connecting CMSes to Vue Storefront 2

During VSF Summit, Headless CMS topics can't be missed. As they are one of the most crucial parts of modern commerce, we wanted to spotlight every one of our partners. Fortunately, they all agreed to share their insights. 

And so, Samuel Snopko from Stryblok embedded the CMSs' matters in the whole landscape, explaining how to take advantage of headless technologies to build an eCommerce solution with Nuxt, Vue Storefront, commercetools, and Storyblok.

Wim Van Horen and Nick Barron from Contentstack showed the advantages of the Contentstack & VSF combo, proving it makes things easier for both developers and marketers.

Rouven Weßling, Director of Technology Partnerships EMEA at Contentful, introduced Contentful and explained how it helps merchants accelerate their marketing efforts and meet the customers.

Neil Mistry , Vice President of Solutions at Amplience, talked through a series of freedoms Amplience can give to teams on all elements from content modeling, visualization, preview, planning, deployment, integrations, and everything else in the ecosystem. 

Michael Donaldson, Co-Founder at LexasCMS, talked about personalization and showed how to use it thanks to LexasCMS <> Vue Storefront integration. 

It was a lot, but it will be more. The next Headless CMS integration you will hear of will be the one with Bloomreach. 

Vue Storefront Cloud update 

The "cloud section" was led by two Matts: Matt Melon and Matt Koszutowski, supported by Chris from Google. And yes, it is a hint: we are the official partner of Google Cloud. 

The talk covered how we came from being just a PWA to became a full-fledged cloud Fronted Platform supported by Google.

Unfortunately, we can't reveal all of our cloud secrets yet, but sign up here if you want to know more. You will get early access to our cloud environment as soon as we launched beta tests. 

Build UI faster

Storefront UI isn't going anywhere. On the contrary, this library is a crucial part of the VSF ecosystem that accelerates building dreamed UI.  

Aditya Patel, Director, Product and Growth Strategy in HotWax Commerce, shared how you can use Storefront UI to drive down the time and money spent creating eCommerce themes.

At every event, there must be "one more thing." "One more thing" on VSF Summit was about personalization. Tim Benniks, a full-time NuxtJS Ambassador and Principal Developer Advocate at Uniform, who kindly agreed to become VSF Summit host, dived into eCommerce personalization issues, explaining how to connect Uniform with Vue Storefront and win the customers' hearts with a "human touch."

We’ve got a new home!

This moment had to come even though we couldn't expect it to come so fast. But here we are. Our community is growing super fast, and we wanted to have a platform that supports it. That is, we decided to move from Slack to Discord. 

This platform has the advantages we could not neglect:

  • Unlimited messages and files 

In its free version, Slack started to limit historical conversations/issues visibility at the beginning of April. For us, it would be a tremendous waste of knowledge, as the community is generating over 10k messages every 3 weeks. 

  • Discord is a community-first tool

It's already widely used by Dev communities like Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Python, or Gridsome. We thought it would be easier for you to add Vue Storefront to this list and have everything in one place.

  • Discord Threads soon-to-be

We are waiting for Discord to implement the most upvoted feature similar to Slack Threads as probably most of you. It will be done soon.  

We will be moving the community there in the upcoming weeks. The process is taken slowly, as we want to make everyone aware of changes. 

We don't have to mention that we hope you will follow, do we?

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