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New to Vue Storefront or still finding your ways around it? We’ve got your covered. Learn the fundamentals in this 1.5 hour online session, live-guided by our trainers, and become ready to build your next level e-shop.

Start with the frontend, then choose to move things in and out

Learn how to take advantage of an agnostic ecosystem of integrations and the API Orchestration Layer where you can easily pull together your whole composable stack in one place.

Meet other developers building complex e-shops and participate in a hands-on session where we build an actual shop with Vue Storefront.

Vue Storefront is a global standard for headless commerce

The world’s leading enterprises run their frontend on Vue Storefront

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Frontend Platform for Headless Commerce

Vue Storefront helps Commerce companies to provide a great experience for their customers through a well-performing frontend while increasing revenue, and drastically cutting costs on development and operations. Vue Storefront is loved by developers. It is the most popular, and fastest-growing Frontend-as-a-Service for Composable Commerce. Its performance-oriented architecture combines Progressive Web App (PWA) and an API-driven approach that enables eCommerce to build flexible, and futureproof webshops.