Fine Hygienic Holding

The birth of highly-performant eCommerce with Vue Storefront


About Fine Hygienic Holding

Fine Hygienic Holding is a 65-year-old wellness corporation headquartered in Amman, Jordan, and Dubai, UAE. The company develops various business directions, from manufacturing sanitized paper products to producing best-of-breed eco supplements Motiva and herbal blend eon that support human wellbeing. Fine Hygienic Holding serves customers across B2B, B2C, and B2B2C to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle by using high-quality items daily.

"We are the largest paper manufacturer in the Middle East. We sell highly sterilized and clean natural products to help the wellness of millions of people on a daily basis. It is a core value of our business. Every supermarket and corner shop in the region has our items in the assortment. We also supply our goods to several leading airlines, hotels and hospitals in the region."

James Michael Lafferty

CEO, Fine Hygienic Holding


The Challenge

A dynamic eCommerce market was the main driver for Fine Hygienic Holding to go composable. Merchants worldwide are already transforming their eCommerce to increase business performance and drive customer experience and revenue. Fine Hygienic Holding decided to do the same by using a composable commerce approach in order to:

  • maintain a competitive advantage

  • engage younger audiences

  • boost the customer journey

"Migration to composable commerce wasn't strategic. It was more of a tactical solution. Thinking forward for the next few years, we needed a robust commerce platform with the right technology in the stack. It can serve our customers as they deserve it and protect their data and payments. It's the most important thing."

Yahyah Pandor

CIDO, Fine Hygienic Holding

The company regularly launches new wellness products to support its B2C business. Meanwhile, the target audience becomes younger and oriented toward a smooth digital approach. Composable commerce was the best way to provide excellent mobile-first digital experiences.

Fine Hygienic Holding gets the lion's share of revenue as a manufacturer and supplier of wellness products. The revamping of their eCommerce story started with introducing Motiva products. It became a truly commerce-driven project. The company discovered that the buyer's journey, in that case, was too complex and decided to simplify it by applying a digital approach.


Extensive research allowed Fine Hygienic Holding to choose best-of-breed technologies for their Motiva eCommerce stack. They started cooperation with commercetools and looked for a suitable highly-performant frontend capable of integrating harmoniously with this eCommerce platform. Business leaders considered several solutions and opted for Vue Storefront because of its simplicity for developers and its broad range of integrations.

"My lead tech developer came with a couple of options. He recommended Vue Storefront because the platform works better from the tech perspective, and it's easier to integrate with other tools. For example, its ready-to-use setup with commercetools saved development time. Vue Storefront is well-known in the market, and it was easier for my tech team to manage it than the other solution we considered. Consequently, we decided to opt for Frontend as a Service, which was the right choice."

Yahyah Pandor

CIDO, Fine Hygienic Holding

Apart from technical advantages, such as API orchestration and a clear codebase, the company was surprised by the high level of Vue Storefront's attitude, its tech support, and managed hosting.



Fine Hygienic Holding went live with its website powered by Vue Storefront in December 2022. The company is on the way to exploring FEaaS capabilities and their impact on page loading speed, site performance, customer satisfaction, and growth in sales. 

Meantime, some results became visible from day one after the website launched. The Fine Hygienic Holding team believes that the core pros they have experienced with Vue Storefront for now are:

  • Increased development velocity

  • Faster time-to-market  

  • Lower total cost of ownership

  • Direct integration with commercetools eCommerce platform 

  • Easy-to-use toolset and fully customizable codebase

  • Responsive and efficient tech support

  • Reliable and 100% safe managed hosting

But the impressive performance results in numbers are coming soon to become another proof that frontend is a driving force of the eCommerce buyers want to experience, and merchants want to deliver. 

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