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Talon.One and Vue Storefront are officially partners

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Talon.One and Vue Storefront are officially partners

November 10, 2020

The partnership between Talon.One - the world’s most powerful Promotion Engine and Vue Storefront, stand-alone, platform-agnostic code library, was inevitable. Why? We are both strong advocates of a modern approach referred to as "composable commerce" by Gartner, and we both believe that it is about to change the way we think of building eCommerce software. We want to be a part of that change.

Vue Storefront, the representative of a newborn class of software called Front-End-as-a-Service (FEaaS) - focuses on flexibility and performance, and has one clear goal: to deliver everything you need, as fast as you need it. 

It’s built with a stand alone code library to deliver that needed flexibility and possibility to extend and customize to enterprise grade customers.

Performance is crucial. It’s the foundation on which to provide outstanding UX. With lagging loading times, there is no way to meet user expectations, but we realize that the site speed is not enough to win their loyalty. Talon.One, as the most advanced Promotion Engine in the world that enables the businesses to launch, manage and analyze a holistic strategy focused on increasing user engagement with coupons, referrals, bundling, discounts, gift-cards, geofencing, and many many more. It is just a perfect match for Vue Storefront.

Patrick Friday, CEO at Vue Storefront  

Vue Storefront has a native integration with commercetools (eCommerce platform), which allows these two systems to be combined with Talon.One.

The integration must be done on the backend, but Vue Storefront - thanks to its API-first approach - recognizes referrals, coupons, discounts and loyalty points, and allows the eCommerce managers to deliver it straight to the users in one central platform, with a single user interface. 

Talon.One synchronizes all the data in real-time and uses it to boost the effectiveness of every campaign you will ever run. Vue Storefront makes sure that everything happens fast enough. 

The reign of monolith eCommerce platforms is about to end soon, and the future is composable commerce, based on API. The same belief is shared by both commercetools and Talon.One, and it was evident to us that we should work closely together. None of us knows everything, but every one of us knows perfectly their job, and we believe that is the point. 

Filip Rakowski, CTO at Vue Storefront

Composable Commerce , although the term is not yet broadly known, is a trend that is gaining traction lately. Long story short, it is a business-oriented mindset focused on achieving agility and flexibility in delivering an experience by selecting delivery options that retain business user control of the presentation. 

“The idea behind Talon.One is to give you the best solution for any kind of promotion, regardless of your existing tech stack. That said, we strongly believe in best-of-breed systems, so partnering with commercetools and their headless approach was just the natural thing to do. If you work with commercetools and start to look around, there’s really no better option than working with Vue Storefront.”

Christoph Gerber, CEO at Talon.One

The partnership between Talon.One and Vue Storefront (which is, in fact, an extension of the partnership between Vue Storefront and commercetools) perfectly fits in with this trend. 

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