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Vue Storefront and Integration: Amplifying eCommerce with headless CMS integration

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Vue Storefront and Integration: Amplifying eCommerce with headless CMS integration

December 13, 2023 is joining the list of our trusted technological partners and we couldn’t be more excited! This partnership is more than just a technical handshake; it's a gateway to unprecedented customization and performance.

Source: is a visual headless CMS that works with any tech stack and allows for faster building and optimizing your websites. And it’s a perfect match for Vue Storefront, as now you can enhance your user experience with an even better frontend! Welcome the newly found ease, agility, and customization. 

Check out our documentation for integration setup <> Vue Storefront integration in a nutshell

The major benefits brought to the table are flexibility and speed, but there's more:  

  • Accelerated deployment: Adapt to market trends quicker with shorter turnaround times from development to live storefronts.

  • Tech agnosticism: Build just the platform you’ve envisioned, thanks to the freedom to choose and integrate your preferred tech stack without constraints.

  • Omnichannel capabilities: Access a cohesive user experience across all digital platforms is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have, and this integration delivers just that.

“Giving our customers the possibility to use best-in-class headless CMS that best suits their needs has always been a cornerstone of Vue Storefront's mission. Visual Headless CMS is exactly this kind of solution. Together with Vue Storefront’s frontend components and pre-defined content models it provides a great acceleration for both technical and commercial teams of our customers in creating and modifying the content on their websites.”

Michal Kwiatkowski

Product Director at Vue Storefront

By connecting Vue Storefront and you unlock even more benefits!

Collaboration for unleashed creativity

With in the mix, the Vue Storefront community gains an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that facilitates seamless collaboration between developers and content creators. This collaboration is the cornerstone of rapidly deployed, high-performance sites and apps that truly drive growth.

Granular control for a deeper technical insight

Technologically astute professionals will appreciate the granular control this integration provides. Vue Storefront's API-first approach, powered up with’s API-driven content management, enables swift scalability and an enhanced developer experience with pre-defined content types and extensible SDK methods.

A new competitive edge for developers and merchants alike

This partnership stands to empower developers with the tools they need to build fast, while also enabling less tech-savvy merchants to take control of their webstores. It’s a balancing act between advanced capabilities and ease of use that both Vue Storefront and have mastered.

A proud addition to our robust ecosystem is the latest addition to an already impressive lineup of technology partners supporting Vue Storefront. Our goal is to facilitate the adoption of headless architecture and pave the way towards the new, more agile, development.




Vue Storefront Data Sheet

This datasheet provides an introduction to Vue Storefront’s approach to building headless commerce Frontend as a Service