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Vue Storefront and Amplience become partners to make eCommerce UX better than ever before

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Vue Storefront and Amplience become partners to make eCommerce UX better than ever before

March 15, 2021

Amplience , the leading experience management platform for enterprise retailers and brands is now an official Vue Storefront partner. This partnership was only a matter of time, as we share the same vision, values and architectural principles. Both vendors are members of the MACH Alliance , and this partnership strengthens those bonds with a native integration.  

Amplience’s experience management platform consists of an API-first, cloud-native, headless Content Management System and integrated Digital Asset Management platform for enterprise retail. It serves more than 350 of the world's leading brands, including Crate & Barrel, Tumi, Traeger Grills, Tom Ford, Argos, OTTO Group, Primark, Very Group, and Boohoo.

One of Amplience’s main goals is to provide powerful agile tools for both developers and non-technical teams to simplify how eCommerce businesses plan, create, manage and deliver content at scale.

That founding idea, implemented with great effectiveness over the years, made Amplience a perfect match for Vue Storefront , whose focus on providing the best possible UX was loud and clear from the very beginning.

You can discover Vue Storefront at the official Amplience Technology Alliances directory

Vue Storefront's main goal is to give merchants the platform that - via powerful API - will allow them to add every tool needed at any time. Since the CMS is the most crucial component, and Amplience one of the most advanced available on the market, we couldn't miss the opportunity to tighten our cooperation by building the native integration between our softwares.

Patrick Friday, CEO at Vue Storefront. 

Vue Storefront offers an integration with commercetools , but this integration takes experience management and orchestration a step further thanks to Amplience’s advanced inline preview environments and powerful scheduling functionality. This functionality enables content creators and marketing teams to see exactly what their Vue Storefront powered customer experiences will look like at any given point in the future directly from the Amplience management interface. 

The eCommerce space over the past decade has been growing at breakneck speeds and this growth has been accelerated further by the global pandemic through 2020 and now into 2021. This has created many opportunities and challenges for retailers and brands. By leveraging Amplience and Vue Storefront together, brands are able to accelerate their organisations pace of change, allowing them to control and rapidly drive new customer experiences in a changing world.

Adam Sturrock, VP Product Marketing at Amplience.

Both Vue Storefront and Amplience, are representatives of the "Composable Commerce" trend featured in Gartner's report as the "next big thing" in building software.




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