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Vue Storefront 1.7 is here — performance and quality optimization, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree payment modules, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce support

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Vue Storefront 1.7 is here — performance and quality optimization, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree payment modules, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce support

Last months release was the biggest one is VSF history. In contrast, this month we focused mostly on stabilization, optimization and improving previously introduced features without making any breaking changes.

Vue Storefront 1.7 performance optimization

During this milestone, we did extensive work regarding Vue Storefront performance (mostly thanks to the hard work of our new core team member — Patryk Tomczyk).

With strong usage of lazy loading, compression and by removing/replacing many heavy third-party libraries we reduced:

  • app bundle by 14%
  • vendor bundle by 75%
  • html/css by 41%

And there are still plenty of optimizations in progress that’ll land in 1.8!

New modules

This month was also a passed test for Vue Storefront Modules. Our partners and contributors started creating the first third-party extensions in this format and are very happy with it’s API capabilities. In just a month they managed to create a few fully working external modules!

Also one of our core partners Vendic made an enhanced external checkout extension .

BigCommerce and WooCommerce integration

We are extremely happy to announce upcoming full support for two new platforms — BigCommerce and WooCommerce! You can already check out catalog-only integrations here:

Stay tuned for the full-support announcement in the upcoming months or help us release it faster by contributing to the repos above ;)

There is more!

Performance wasn’t our only focus. Thanks to our monthly growing community we managed to fix a lot of minor bugs and enhance many currently existing features (e.g. we enabled color mapping in attributes).

Below you can find a full list of changes in v1.7:


Changed / Improved



Vue Storefront hackathons!

It’s awesome to see that our community is more and more active every month not only in terms of contributions but also other activities. This is why we are extremely happy to invite you all to the next two Vue Storefront hackathons organized by Divante and our amazing core partner BitBull which will host the first ever VS hackathon outside Poland!

Both of them will begin with free Vue Storefront training!

#4 Vue Storefront Hackathon  — Divante | Wroclaw, Poland

#5 Vue Storefront Hackathon  — BitBull | Milan, Italy

There is also a chance that there will be a third one in the Netherlands during the Vue.js Amsterdam conference (where you can also meet our core team, and I’ll be speaking about Web Performance) — stay tuned!

New live Vue Storefront shops

This month we discovered two new Vue Storefront production shops. Both of them are pretty large scale!

  1. Wonect from Sigapore!

What to expect in the next release

During next month, we will mostly focus on coding a new demo theme. The graphics are amazing and we can’t wait to show you a coded version of it running on Vue Storefront.

Even though the core team will mostly focus on the theme, there are at least two hackathons so you can still expect a lot of improvements, enhancements and new features in upcoming releases. Moreover:

  • During the hackathons along with friends from Develo Design — we plan to integrate a Payment request API which can be an option for checkout replacement in many shops.
  • We will also enable seamless lazy loading of Vue Storefront modules which should give us another big boost in bundle reduction.
  • VSModules capabilities will be enhanced with the possibility to extend the webpack configuration.

Thank you

As always, I want to thank all of our contributors and partners for their hard work!

Thanks to you, we are able to ship tons of improvements each month and make Vue Storefront much better software with every release!


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